(animals; woods: maple, birch, oak, bamboo; metals: alloys (bronze, tin); plastics: mylar, nylon; minerals; electricity)

(boils down somatic fold-ins to rare, expend, exhaust, expand;syntax root mine imaginz taxoclump underflow lingualia fizz; sliver helix for babble osmosis; uncompounded rotations, cycles, politics)

(opens possibilities of language and learning from below through questioning the specific material conditions, grammar, histories and logics of the saxophone and drum kit through a flexible, manifold process of collaboration, augmentation, bifurcation, antagonism and technological and somatic feedback)

(Paul Abbott and Seymour Wright have worked on perpendicular, overlapping and independent solo and group projects within and outside of the conventions of music and performance)

Xomaltesc Tbobhni is the duo of Paul Abbott (drums) and Seymour Wright (alto saxophone).